Afrikan Hiphop Caravan – An initiative of these following  Collectives:

chitownThe Chi town Hip hop Collective is a grassroots movement made up of Hip hop activists from the town of Chitungwiza. It aims to develop Hip hop activists skills and initiate community empowerment projects through organizing events that include Poetry Slams, Ciphers, Discussions, Open Mic Sessions and Skills Training workshops

pungwe newRepublic of Pungwe is a metaphysical state for all those who are not satisfied with the average and boring. Within its borders only world-class parties are permitted.
The aims to cultivate an alternative culture based around cool, innovative and progressive music gatherings in Zimbabwe, that can rival anything taking place in other parts of the world.

bildungssyndikatUhuru Network – We are a revolutionary counter-culture. We are the embryo of the new revolutionary society in the body of the old and the sick, dying one. We are the new lifestyle in microcosm, which contains the new social values and the new collective organisations and institutions, which will become the socio-political infrastructure of the free society.

Our objective is to teach new social values of unity and struggle against the negative effects of capitalist society and culture. To do that we must build a class conscious movement (Uhuru Network) that builds class pride and respect, class and social awareness, and to struggle against the capitalist slave masters. This collectivism would be both a repository of class culture and ideology.


HHClogoThe Hip Hop Congress (HHC) is a non profit,international grassroots organization. Its mission is to evolve hip hop culture by inspiring social action and creativity within the community.



GlobalFamSignLogo-page-001Globalfam Ent. was created by Michael Crenshaw and Morgan Delaney to encompass all of their joint educational, entertainment and social project work.

The two were united by two former students who commented that both Crenshaw and Delaney were saying the same thing, but as they told Delaney, ‘he says it way better then you do.’ The rest is history.

LOGFOThe Soundz of the South (SOS) is an anti-capitalist cultural resistance collective working with activists who use hip-hop and poetry to spread revolutionary messages, raise consciousness and critique neo-liberalism.

The aim of the network is to facilitate and encourage a process of self-organisation against neoliberalism within communities as part of the broader struggle to emancipate us all.

Asrafo Records is an independent label that aims to heal the deep wounds of Africa via the urban culture and the creation of frameworks for reflection on contemporary issues. The principal aim is to awaken the Pan-African consciousness.

Leitmotiv: Organized as army ants we will build tall edifices like the pyramids.

“Asrafo” (also known as “Asafo” or “Asafu”), is a traditional warrior class among some peoples living along Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, including Ghana and Togo.





A Multimedia Entertainment company dealing with Movies, Documentaries, Tv/Radio Productions, Agency, Event Organizing & Consultancy.





The Radio Union is a broadcaster collective formed to leverage independent media broadcasts, perpetuate the regional/ indie Hip Hop, dispel Hip Hop stereotypes while propagating broadcast that reflect our community centric Hip Hop perspectives.

10414580_335503329930026_8315374365055271262_n  An organization dedicated to the promotion and exposure of female artists and a platform for urban creativity, empowerment, and sisterhood.


Afrikan Hiphop Caravan